Frequently asked questions

What if it is raining on the day of my photoshoot?

If it is raining, too windy, overcast or not the right kind of weather for us to capture the best images we can for you we will have to reschedule to a later date that suits you. This will be at no charge to you and will be rescheduled on a date decided between the client and photographer. Please note the dates will be subject to availability so the sooner you book the sooner your reshoot will happen.

Do you offer reshoots to clients and under what circumstances?

Yes - A reshoot will be offered for the following reasons 1. The weather is simply not co operating with us 2. There is a family emergency or illness within my family or yours 3. If your child is just not in the mood for images that day and I am absolutely unable to get them to co operate 4. If I edited the images and I am not happy with them 5. If you recieve your images and for specific reasons you are unhappy with them I want my clients to be 110% percent happy with the images they recieve, it is important to me to provide the absolute best quality within my capabilites and that you have a happy and enjoyable experience on your shoot day.

I would like to book you for multiple shoots, do you offer custom packages?

Yes! Each and every client is different and every family is different to the next, so yes I do offer custom shoot packages. Many clients are now enquiring to have maternity, birth and newborn packages and I am more than happy to accomodate and work out custom quotes and package pricing for my clients.

How do I see your price list?

If you go to the booking form underneath the photography page it requires you to fill out a form which I will then respond to your email provided with a information pack and price list.

I heard you do complimentary photoshoots sometimes?

Yes I do - I love to give back as much as I can. I do one complimentary photoshoot for a solo parent each month and if someone reaches out to me with extenuating circumstances and I feel that they could use the gift of forever memories I will happily offer my services free of charge.