Raw & Honest and incredibly powerful 

Im passionate about a lot of things in life but birth suite photography would have to be the one thing that sets my soul on fire. 

This was the first birth that I professionally photographed, a darling little girl. A long awaited baby, a IVF miracle. Three rounds of IVF, countless embryos, hopeful moments, years and months and hours that turned into minutes of waiting - and it all came down to this moment right here. 

40 weeks, two pink little lines, the embryo that they were told "wasn't perfect" 

Turned out to be the most perfect moment in their lives 

With every birth I am blessed enough to be a part of I am reminded about the strength of a woman. I am reminded about out our resilience, I am reminded about our absolutely insane love, I am reminded of our power. Each and every woman births differently, we all have our own unique story, each of us have our own unique experience and it is my job to step in and document those moments. To capture you as you walk the line from woman to mother - to show you as the powerful force of a woman you are, to highlight your beauty as you meet the most important soul of your life. It is my job to capture those raw emotions, those heartfelt moments that become the memories you will call upon forever.

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Forever be your always, forever memories for you to keep. 

For the 2020 wedding season we have decided to open up our books to small and intimate wedding and elopement parties. 

We will be also offering photography and videography packages in conjunction with local videography company Salt Air Cinema. 

And we recommend Lark Store for all your printing needs, they can turn your wedding day images into high end prints so that you can display them in your home for years to come. 

Another incredible company we have admired from afar is Bow & Arbour and they do beautiful wedding magazines. 

The wedding of Deb and Daniel - Currumbin Gold Coast

What a magical day this was, the most perfect weather for an even more perfect pair. As their children and family watched on they shared their love for one another through their vows and there wasn't a dry eye in the room. Weddings to me are about capturing the love, to capture the essence of a couple, to see the intimate moments that you know will be passed down for years to come. Like the first photo on the left, a grand daughter doing up her grandfathers cuff links as her mother, the bride watches on. Me standing out of view of the special moment, capturing it from afar. 

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Journey from self to soul : a reclamation of power and igniting your authentic feminine 

A new session series that I'm offering which is all about honouring your divine feminine, its about reclaiming your body and taking ownership of the goddess within. 

This is for the woman that has been through change, for the woman that has walked through hardship, shed her skin to form wings like a phoenix. 

This is for her RISE back to herself, back to where she rightfully belongs, to step back into the seat of her soul and take her power back. 

Embodiment Session: A reclaimation - Allira Cohrs 

Have you ever travelled through trauma or change and not noticed the woman staring back at you? Have you removed your implants as beautiful Allira had done and had to fall in love with your new body all over again? Have you had children and no longer recognised the woman staring back at your in the mirror? Have you lost parts of yourself due to illness and want to see yourself in a new light?

Then this is the session for you, a session I dreamt up while going through my own healing. A way in which you reclaim yourself, step into your authentic feminine. A way for you to see yourself as the natural beauty that you are. 

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What a privilege to witness, what an honour to capture this moment. 

A home birth in beautiful Palm Beach, Gold Coast. A son to Kaitlyn and Andy and little brother to Zephyr. 

I watched on as Kaitlyn owned her body and all that it was capable of, with her two midwives watching on, guiding her through her surges and reminding her of her feminine power. 

It was a beautiful experience and one I wont forget, its always an honour being a part of a birth, one I never take for granted.

Home birth Session: A face presentation 

I am now a fully qualified Doula, having trained with little seeds and gained recognition of prior learning so I am able to hold space as a photographer and Doula should you wish to have the extra support on your special day. I love birth and having been in so many and undertaken training I now have a understanding of birth and how the process works. 

I love nothing more than to hold space for women as they transition through birth to motherhood, capturing the incredible moments of strength and vulnerability as I make them into memories. 


This particular birth was incredible as Yoska was born face first - a rare and beautiful sight in birth. It meant mother Kaitlyn looked down during birth to see her sons face for the first time and was able to watch on as he was born. 













With the current state of the world more of the lovers are opting to share their wedding privately in an elopement setting. 

Yes I specialise in elopements and intimate weddings, to celebrate the love between you and your lover. 

These intimate photos will tell the story of your love, light hearted, fun and to mirror the way your love is. 

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