Leila Stead

IM LEILA, the creative & soul fuelled photographer behind We are Lé Mama ~  Based in Northern New South Wales. I document those moments that make you come alive, I consider my job one of the most incredible in the world. Im the person that captures first breaths and last moments before you become a mother.


I have the honour of standing there as stars collide and fate ignites and lovers confess their love in a room full of loved ones. Im there as bumps become babes and men become fathers and mothers watch on falling a little more in love with every moment. Im the person behind love lined walls in bustling homes and the woman that captures the vibe of your business before you even have the chance to announce it. 

I capture the real love stories ~ the messy, the unrefined, those that you cant define.

Those moments in - between the moments, the ones that matter those moments are your legacy so let's make it count. 


One of my favourite moments to capture is the sacred moment a new soul enters the earth. My aim as a birth photographer is to capture moments like this one - A Grandfather's congratulations to his son in law on becoming a father himself, a new mama soaking in the moment and her brand new baby looking up at her, drinking in the details he had only heard from the inside. A brand new aunty watching on in tears, a grandmothers name tattooed, a reminder of a beautiful woman no longer with us but still watching over her new great grandson. A snippet of a moment in time that will now be forever remembered, its my job in the birth suite to stand back unless needed, and step forward when moments like this arise that I know you will want to remember. 


Thank you.Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for braving the coldest morning of the year to capture sunrise photos for my family. You are magical in what you capture. My husband and I sat for what felt like hours just looking in amazement at the photos over and over again with endless smiles on our faces. I love how photos make me feel and you have captured every feel possible. Truely from the bottom of our hearts, thank you.


Leila from We are Lé Mama is an extraordinary talented and refreshing photographer with an incredibly beautiful energy that brings you comfort and confidence. She guides you effortlessly through the experience of having your photos taken to capture the irreplaceable memories and moments. Leila photographed my baby and myself at the beach at sunset and the vast selection of photos offered to me after only one hour together were breathtaking and stunning. Thank you Leila, I would recommend you a million times over. 


Leila is truly a storyteller and it shines through in her art, Leila was able to tell ours perfectly from start to finish and captured moments in time that will be treasured for a lifetime


Leila has a natural gift behind the camera but also the gift of her personal vibe. Being in her presence is peaceful and comfortable and it gave the photos a rawness and reality to them that I will forever cherish. I couldn't recommend her more highly 


I had Leila as my birth photographer for my firstborn son Mason, it was just beautiful. Even my midwives said the couple of photos that they saw at the time were amazing captures and said that Leila was a breeze to have in the room. I felt so much love in the room and I don't know what I would have done without her presence in the room she was amazing and the photos speak for themselves. 

BRIANA & JORDAN / BIRTH SESSION - Gold Coast University

Wow, it’s hard to find the words that really explain just how amazing our newborn photo session with Leila was. Not only is she an incredible photographer who has managed to freeze some of the most magical moments in time, she brings such a relaxing and comfortable energy into the room that makes everyone (including bub!) feel at ease. 

Leilas passion for her work is obvious, she was so willing to take any time necessary to get the perfect shot, always reassuring me that it was okay if bub needed time to be resettled or fed. 

I can’t Thank you enough for the pictures you captured, they are priceless and we will all cherish them forever.